Movement is Life, Life is Movement

Movement is Life, Life is Movement

Movement is life and life is movement. As human beings movement is inevitably necessary. We must move to eat, breathe, digest, assimilate, eliminate and procreate. Without movement, we would cease to exist.

As a chiropractor I have been uniquely trained to evaluate people for abnormal and dysfunctional movement patterns. One of the things that sets chiropractic apart from other health care disciplines is the idea or concept of the subluxation. A subluxation describes the relative abnormal position of a vertebra that has lost not only its normal position but its ability to move as it should. Simply stated, a subluxation is a loss of movement in the body.

We are energetic beings. Energy moves through our bodies constantly. In Chinese medicine this energy is called “chi”. In chiropractic it is referred to as “innate”. Others may call it “life force”. It doesn’t matter what name you assign to this energy, it just matters that you understand it is there. It is the same energy that gives life to plants, it flows throughout the universe. The absence of this energy is death, if it is still present but merely decreased, then dis-ease and dysfunction occur.

Chiropractors help improve the flow of this healing energy through the removal of subluxations. Acupuncturists stimulate points on the body to achieve the same results. These are not the only ways to improve energy flow throughout the body, things such as exercise, proper diet, rest and a positive mental outlook can also help.

When this energy moves freely throughout the body without interference, it is allowed to resonate at a higher frequency. Hence, those with a low flow of energy tend to lack energy, fatigue easily, and are more prone to sickness and dis-ease. Those who learn to cultivate the flow of this energy through healthy choices and habits experience an abundance of energy, are rarely sick and are less prone or more resistant to dis-ease.

If you want to experience a higher state of health by improving the flow of energy within your body, the first thing you must do is decide this is something worth doing for yourself. We accomplish in life what we tend to focus on, so if your current level of health is not where you’d like it to be and you want to change it, first decide to make it a priority in your life. Begin by making that decision, then open yourself up to the possibility of healing. Many people write off the idea of “energy” as “new age fluff” or nonsense. By having such an attitude you will close yourself off to experiencing health and wellness at a higher level. So, decide what is possible, educate yourself to the possibilities that are available and take action. Too often, people have to experience a crisis in life to finally begin to open themselves up to alternative ideas of healing. Hopefully you don’t have to go through such a crisis to begin implementing more movement and energy into your body.

How do we cultivate this energy to obtain higher states of health? Begin by getting under regular chiropractic care. Many people wait until they are in pain or get in an accident to seek chiropractic care, but you can benefit from chiropractic by getting adjusted, even if you don’t have complaints of pain. Subluxations can be present without you knowing it, just as you can have a cavity in a tooth without knowing it. When you get regular chiropractic care, you remove subluxations within the body and stay healthier. It is a safe, natural and effective way to maintain health and prevent dis-ease.

Another way to improve energy flow throughout your body is through stretching. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to improve your health, and it is easy to do. You don’t need any equipment, it can be done in the comfort of your own home, and best of all it’s FREE. Before you begin any type of exercise, you must take into consideration your current level of health. Even stretching can be too intense for some people, depending on how you approach it. Going to power yoga sessions 3 times per week may be more than a beginner should “bite off”. So if you are really stiff and are in poor physical condition, take it slow and easy. It may be of benefit to consult a chiropractor or CHEK practitioner to help design a plan of attack for you. Check out  They would at the very least be able to point out what areas of your body are the most inflexible and need the most attention.

Once you begin a regular routine of stretching, begin to pay attention to your body and “listen” to it. Become aware of where you are holding stress and tension. Pay attention to what types of movement are difficult for you. For example, is it difficult for you to tie you shoes, reach behind your back or over your head. Can you squat down, touch your toes or is it difficult? Pay attention to any areas of pain. Once you develop a sense of these things you will experience more productive results from stretching. Be sure to focus your stretches on the areas of your body that are tight and restricted, don’t stretch the parts of your body that are already flexible just because they are easy for you.

Consistency is the key to most things in life and stretching is no different. I recommend stretching at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each time. Of course, you may be able to stretch more often, but as with any form of exercise, if you find that you experience soreness the following day, then take a day off and rest. If you are really stiff and find it challenging at first, be patient, within a few weeks you will begin to tell a difference.

Getting back to the concept of movement and energy. We know that energy flows through our bodies in many different forms. Information travels through our nervous systems, our circulatory systems, our respiratory systems and digestive systems, just to name a few. Common sense would dictate that the less restricted we are throughout our bodies; the easier energy can move through our bodies to run these various systems. To use the circulatory system as an example, the more flexible we are the easier if is for blood to flow through our veins and arteries. In fact, studies have shown that if you are stiff within your muscles and connective tissues, you are also stiff (lacking elasticity) within your blood vessels.

On a personal note, I’d like to share with you the positive benefits stretching has had on my own health. I have been able to rid my body of chronic pain, have more fluidity of motion, and experience a higher level of energy and mental clarity. My entire body just functions better by maintaining my flexibility. Remember, a flexible body leads to a flexible mind, and a flexible mind is one that is less stressed, more creative and certainly happier.

About the Author Dr. Brendon Bradley

I am a board certified chiropractor practicing in Bakersfield, CA. I graduated in 1995 from the esteemed Southern California University of Health Sciences. Also, I have taken many postgraduate study courses on diet, health, nutrition and corrective exercise. I maintain an active practice, helping people achieve and maintain an optimal state of health.

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