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Why Choose Bradley Chiropractic​?

At Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center​ we will provide you with the utmost in quality care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Bradley, is experienced, qualified, and passionate about what he does. The techniques he uses are cutting-edge and he is sure to do everything it takes to get you back on the path to being healthy.

Our chiropractic office puts the patient as the priority. We do our best to ensure a comfortable setting, gentle and effective care, and that we are optimizing one's health.​ We focus on your wellbeing. 

Our approach is holistic, so we will recommend methods and tools that you can use outside of our office to keep your entire body healthy. Or, if it is what you are seeking, we have many opportunities to help you take your health to a higher level through the other Treatments we provide​.

Chiropractic Spinal Alignment

We will be honest with every patient that comes through our doors, recommending what we think of as the best treatment plan, and allowing you to choose which plan is the most suitable for you. ​When we are dealing with a patient that has a problem that requires a different method of care, we will always refer them to another doctor. We understand that chiropractic is not a one-stop treatment and would never take the risk of worsening someone's condition. However, in many cases our care may be able to help.

If you are suffering pain, or think that our office is right for you, please schedule an appointment with us. You can call the number at the top of the page, or ​you can reach our chiropractic office here. We look forward to serving you.

Chiropractic Spinal Map

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is a health care practice that focuses the body's main structures - the skeleton, muscles, and nerves - and their relationship to one's health. The approach is hands on, meaning it is drug-free and surgery-free. The most common method of treatment is known as "spinal manipulation" or an adjustment. A spinal manipulation is simply the process of realigning the spine, or other joints, to reduce pain and improve health. The method restores mobility to joints, releases tight muscles, and allows tissue in an injured area to begin healing.

Restoring alignment and mobility also relieves pressure from nerves which may have been compressed and causing pain. When the body is aligned it allows the nervous system to work optimally. When this happens, the body is in a state conducive to healing.

Commonly, people come to see a chiropractor because of back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other joint and muscle pain. However, because chiropractic deals with the entire body, it's methods are not at all limited to those symptoms. 

Because the nerves come from the brain, go through the spinal cord, and exit to all other parts of the body, including organs, a spinal adjustment can restore balance to many functions of the body. This is why many people come to see chiropractors for non-musculoskeletal disorders, or come to chiropractors as their primary healthcare doctors.

Chiropractors also emphasize the need for a holistic approach to health, which means they believe that in order for one to be healthy, the entire body must be considered. The holistic approach to health is why chiropractors may also focus on other methods, such as nutrition and exercise, to improve health.

Chiropractors strive to treat the underlying causes of disease, pain, and discomfort as opposed to only treating the symptoms and never getting to the root of the problem. This philosophy brings the body to a true state of health.

At Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center, we recognize the importance of chiropractic, but we do not treat it as the only solution for health. We focus on using a combination of methods and when a patient requires a different healthcare professional we refer patients out to other doctors whom we trust.If you have more questions about chiropractic, try our FAQ page or give our office a call!

About Chiropractic Care At Our Office

​Our doctor, Dr. Bradley, has 20 years of experience in chiropractic that has allowed him to hone his technique. He is excellent at being as effective yet as gentle as possible. Dr. Bradley works hard to make sure his patients are comfortable both physically during adjustments and emotionally by being genuine and compassionate.

We fully evaluate each patient before beginning to treat them so that we can ensure that our treatment is targeted to the patient's unique condition. First we look at past medical history. Then we do a physical evaluation with possible X-Rays. Finally Dr. Bradley sits down with the patient to discuss what the best path of treatment would be. We are sure to take into consideration every aspect of what could be causing a patient pain, and are sure to communicate with them through the entire process.

For spinal manipulations, Dr. Bradley has an extensive knowledge of kinesiology and chiropractic techniques. He uses a combination of techniques ranging from using instruments (devices for making adjustments) and a hands-on approach.

I see chiropractic as a science, philosophy, and art. A science because it is the study of how the body is a system of nerves, muscles, and bones that all work in synchronization, and how misalignments in that system can affect health. A philosophy because it is the idea that putting the body in alignment allows the nervous system to work optimally, relieving pain and giving the body a proper healing environment. And an art because of the practice it takes to perfect the technique of effectively restoring alignment to the body. I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to bring people to a higher state of health.

Brendon Bradley 
Doctor of Chiropractic

We also like to use heat therapy, electromagnetic stimulation, and ultrasound to help the muscles relax before making an adjustment. This ensures the spinal manipulation is more effective.

Dr. Bradley has been able to help patients suffering from many conditions, including but not limited to headaches, shoulder pain, TMJ disorders, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, herniated discs, knee pain, hip pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, sports injuries, and car accident injuries.​

The goal of our treatment is to restore alignment so that the immediate pain is relieved and the body is in an optimal state for healing. ​

Another important part of our care is to educate the patient on what they can do outside of our office to maintain their improved health. We prescribe specific exercises, stretches, and tips that people can use to maintain proper alignment.  On our website we also have a large amount of articles, videos, and resources that our patients and others can use to educate themselves.

If you are suffering pain, or think that our office is right for you, please schedule an appointment with us. You can call the number at the top of the page, or ​visit our Contact Us page for more details. We look forward to serving you.