Corrective Exercise

What is Corrective Exercise?

Corrective exercise approaches exercise in a way that promotes balance in the sense that every muscle in the body works synergistically with other muscles to their greatest potential.

The goal of corrective exercise is to improve your wellbeing and ability to move powerfully without the risk of pain or injury. We have a step by step process of first evaluating for imbalances, then determining your unique needs, and finally creating a program that allows you to reach your goals. 

Whether you are looking to improve sports performance, look better, feel stronger and more confident, lose weight, recover from injury, or become pain free we can adjust the training variables to get you there.

Also, we focus on training the body to be functional meaning that the strength, mobility, and balance that is gained from exercise will apply to activities outside of the gym. Because of this, corrective exercise is widely applicable.

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Anyone who is looking for the best to be physically healthier can benefit from corrective exercise. Often, people want to be start training but do not know where to start and get the wrong information. Or they are already training intensely, but find that they are exhausted, aren't seeing improvements, and are often in pain. Corrective exercise ensures that you train correctly and have a unique plan to work towards your personal goals of health and fitness.

Corrective exercise is an excellent way to learn how to properly train and use the body. It provides greater health, comfort, performance, and reduces the risk of injury. If you are interested in this program or would like to learn more, please call the number at the top of the screen, or visit our Contact Us page. We look forward to meeting you!


Our Approach to Corrective Exercise

At Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center​ we use the C.H.E.K Institute's methods for corrective exercise. Dr. Bradley, and his son Joshua Bradley, are certified C.H.E.K Exercise Coaches and they have excellent understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. With their knowledge, they are able to give people exercise programs that are specifically targeted to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Our approach is unique from what you may be used to seeing. Our mantra is to assess, not guess, respect the uniqueness of the individual, and to take a holistic approach.

We start by doing a complete health history and consultation to be aware of any problems that need to be addressed, and to gather what your personal goals are. We then do a complete evaluation testing your posture, flexibility, and strength, looking for imbalances. We also use tests determine your overall stress load, and what areas present a particular challenge to you. Once we have determined all of this we then begin to create a custom exercise plan for you.

The exercise plan is made considering everything we find in the consultation and evaluation. This program, which is completely unique to you, including nutrition and lifestyle tips, will ensure that you reach the level of health you desire.

We always take into consideration the unique needs of the individual we train. ​Whether a sprinter who needs explosive power, a marathon runner who needs endurance, a weekend warrior who likes to play football on the weekends, or a stay at home mom who does the occasional yoga session, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

For example, if you were a fireman, we would of course look at your imbalances and help correct them, but we would also consider the demands of your workplace. A fireman has heavy clothing, works on uneven and unsteady surfaces, has to work visually impaired by smoke, and has to lift heavy objects and tools. All of these conditions require a specialized training program​, one that would be much different from someone such as a cycling enthusiast.

In any case, we are always sure to choose exercises that match your biomotor profile, while also addressing posture, imbalances, function​, stress, goals, self-belief, and overall health.

Because we tailor our exercise programs to the individual we have a high success of improving fitness and health. What we teach in the gym can be carried into the real world because we focus on using integrative and functional exercises. Also because of the emphasis on building in steps and using perfect form, there is a very low chance of getting injured, or not seeing results with our exercise programs.

​We believe in holistic health in our office and offer other Treatment options in addition to exercise that you may be interested in. Combined with chiropractic, massage, and nutrition, corrective exercise can be an even more powerful way to improve your health. On our website we also have much information about health through blogs, videos and podcasts that is available to anyone, so feel free to look around.

Corrective exercise is an excellent way to learn how to properly train and use the body. It provides greater health, comfort, performance, and reduces the risk of injury. If you are interested in this program or would like to learn more, please call the number at the top of the screen, or contact our chiropractic office. We look forward to meeting you!

Why Corrective Exercise Is Needed

Most people, except for maybe a very few elite athletes,​ have imbalance in their muscular system. One muscle will be tight when another is loose. A strong muscle in one area will compensate for a weak muscle in another area. Or the function of muscle groups will be completely dysfunctional, with the wrong muscles firing at the wrong time or not firing at all.

There are many other reasons why someone would be imbalanced. ​Some imbalances stem from improper development from a young age that leads to problems in adulthood. Other imbalances can be work related, having to do a repetitive or strenuous movement every day without proper form could lead to pain or injury. Another work related imbalance could come from constantly sitting in bad posture, such as at a desk job. Overtraining for a single movement in a sport can also lead to imbalance if the opposite movement is not done, such as always swinging a golf club one way or always kicking with one foot. Basically any movement not balanced with another, or not done with correct form is leading to imbalance.

These imbalances​ pull the body into bad posture and cause misalignments and dysfunction. They can eventually manifest as chronic pain. Trigger points and aching muscles can even effect someone who looks physically fit and may even be an athlete, causing them constant suffering. Often when the body is this imbalanced it is very prone to injury and even relatively simple, daily movement like picking up a bag of laundry can lead to strain, sprain, tear, or disc herniation. The body is not meant to be that imbalanced.

Corrective Exercise Bad Posture

In addition to physical imbalances, imbalances can occur in any facet of health. You can have an imbalance in your body, in your diet, in your mental emotional state, or in your lifestyle that creates stress. A very important philosophy of our corrective exercise approach is to not overload one with stress.

There is only so much stress the body can handle. If one already has a bad diet, stressful lifestyle, and poor sleep, they are under a lot of stress already. Exercising to "be healthy" will only overwork an already tired system. Excess stress is very damaging to health, and counterintuitively, extra stress from exercise can inhibit any gains and in fact lead to illness. When stressed, the body is constantly trying to put out metaphorical fires and has lost the ability to adequately recover.

Unfortunately, many people are in a state of chronic stress, or have muscular imbalances that they are not addressing. Constantly, people are getting injured or making themselves worse by going to the gym in an attempt to be healthier. They have the right intentions, but because of a lack of knowledge, they are doing themselves no good.

The body is a complex system that is easily misinterpreted and misunderstood. Unfortunately, that misunderstanding of the body has also led to much misinformation on how and when to exercise. Corrective exercise seeks to fix the imbalances that have developed in people, train people how to exercise correctly, and educate clients on what they can change in their lives to bring their health to a new level. Ultimately, the goal is to get a client to a point where they know enough about health that they are self-sufficient and no longer need a coach.

If you want to begin a corrective exercise program, meant to improve your confidence, performance, and overall health, please visit out Contact Us page to call and schedule an appointment.​ Or if you still have some unanswered questions, try our FAQ page or give our office a call.